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Doreen J. Designs, Inc.

honeycomb design studio


My company is Doreen J. Designs, Inc. The atelier where I work is called Honeycomb.

​I'm a designer and a maker. I work with my hands (you can tell). I love dirt. I love the process of making and growing things. I am inspired by objects and people that have a story.

I'm in love with honeybees, and gardening, and animals, and fiber, and farming, and local food, and handmade paper. I love things that come from nature. Much of my inspiration comes from the woods, where I live, in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley.

​I love where I live.

I love to collaborate with other artists, and I love the creative energy that comes from those connections.

I love co-creating something special with my clients, making not just something they will have or wear, but an experience they will remember.

​I design and make unique wedding gowns, hand-knits, felted pieces, pillows, quilts and gardens. I do windows - the retail, visual merchandising kind. I'm crazy about smocks and wrap dresses that have a little swing. Clogs are my most favorite shoes. I practice the banjo but not nearly enough. I love swing dancing. I have an obsession with yarn and fiber, and use it in much of what I make. I am a beekeeper of Warre hives. Honeybees are amazing, and remind me to slow down. I'm getting back on my loom to weave again after many years, and I'm also practicing the art of handspinning raw fiber into yarn. For me, it is the equivalent of yoga, gardening, stacking firewood and building stone walls. They keep me balanced and grounded.

I love the surprise of an unexpected lining, the quality and care of a hand-finished garment, the irregular chunk of a handspun, hand knit pair of mittens. Details and special touches mean a lot. 

For me, it's about
 slow fashion, in small batches. I use local, sustainably made and vintage materials whenever possible. I also buy/sell vintage items.

​In my professional life, I have many years of experience in Marketing, Communications, Project Management and Event Planning. I currently work in Learning & Development, working with coaches and talent leaders to plan and facilitate training programs for leaders globally. I love to travel, and my work, always challenging, allows me to see the world. It's a wonderful juxtaposition from my crafty, country life and having my hands happily in the soil. Balance. 

Email if you're interested in creating something unique for your wedding, your home, business, or little one. Have an idea for an event? I do those, too. Let's collaborate.

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